Absen A3 Pro

The Absen A3 Pro 3.9mm pixel pitch LED display is the ideal product for the fixed install market. The benefit of being scalable to any size or shape with no seams ensures content at a live event can be showcased perfectly. The clarity, uniformity and viewing angle ensure comfortable large screen viewing.

With more than 500m of the Absen A3 Pro display available we are to cater for almost any requirement.

Some considerations need to be thought of before looking to use this product such as power consumption, which per tile is extremely low however it is easy to forget just how many tiles are being used when creating bespoke designs. We provide very accurate power calculations and work with many venues on ensuring we have everything in place to ensure a successful event.

Our Barco E2 screen management controller along with out Mac Pro multiple output playback system offer endless possibilities which only enhance such an amazing display.

Content is key
Our specialist team can assist in creating the most unique content for your event …read more

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High refresh rate
A smooth display image is achieved with a high refresh rate of ≥2,000Hz, ensuring fast moving content can be displayed flicker-free without ghosting or tearing.

Precision alignment and accuracy
The die cast aluminium panel ensures precision alignment, removing disruption to content. The lightweight panel measuring 500mm x 500mm in size includes a unique panel locking system allowing for fast set-up on a live event.

The die cast aluminium panel is thin and lightweight, with each panel carefully created to only weigh 10kg, allowing for quick maintenance.

Magnetic front serviceable module
The magnetic front serviceable modules allow for easy maintenance saving time and labour on site. This is 5 times quicker than screw-in modules.

High brightness
The A3 Pro provides high brightness (≥ 1,200 nit) and contrast to deliver a beautiful image. Even when brightness is reduced to 20%, it provides superior consistency.

Wide viewing angle
140° wide viewing angle ensures high picture quality from any front angle view.

LED displays are highly reliable, designed for 24/7 usage. Built from high quality components they provide a low maintenance solution with a lifespan of over 100,000 hours.

Black body SMD
Delivers superior 3000:1 contrast with deep black levels for stunning image quality.

Pixel level calibration
Provides highly accurate colour consistency and brightness uniformity across the entire display


In Ranges:

Price Per Day: £70 per tile

Price Per Week: £210 per tile

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