Panasonic Triple Blend

Panasonic has recently introduced its 1:0.38 ratio lens for its single chip DLP projectors. Allowing you to project extremely large images from unthinkably close distances.

Spectrum Hire were asked to provide our expert knowledge on video projection to use three Panasonic PT-DZ770 single chip DLP projectors paired with the Panasonic ultra short throw DLE030 0.38 lens.

Space was a premium in the venue but the aim was to create a spectacular 10m wide projection screen to greet guests as they  walking into the event space. With a low ceiling handing projectors in a traditional method would have not given an image high or large enough. Using the unique ultra short throw mirror lens we faced the projectors away from the projection wall and placed them 1.5m away from the wall. With careful alignment and specialist multi output playback systems we were able to create a triple blended image showing content in its native 4915 x 1080 pixels.

Pro 3 Pro 1 Pro 2

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